Сonsultative diagnostic clinic: 14a, Kirova Avenue, Tomsk city, Tomsk region, 634034
Hospital: 44, Karla Marksa Street, Tomsk city, Tomsk region, 634009

Information the Hospital

The Regional State Autonomous Healthcare Institution “Regional Children's Hospital” is a multidisciplinary medical institution in the Tomsk Region that has provided qualified and highly specialized medical care to the children’s population for more than 50 years.

The structure of the Regional Children's Hospital includes a consultative diagnostic clinic, a 24-hour hospital with 80 beds, a day hospital for children (within a hospital) for 10 beds of a pediatric somatic profile, a day hospital for children (within a consultative and diagnostic clinic) with 5 beds of an otorhinolaryngological profile, diagnostic service.

Medical services are provided by the Regional Children's Hospital on the basis of a license to carry out medical activities LO-70-01-002611 dated September 26, 2019, issued by the Licensing Committee of the Tomsk Region. He is licensed to provide high-tech medical care.

The Consultative and Diagnostic Clinic is the largest unit of the Regional Children's Hospital and is designed for 250 visits per shift. Advice and care in the clinic is received by children of the Tomsk region and other regions of the Russian Federation on 20 profiles of medical specialties.

The clinic has an advisory department, a department for functional diagnostics, a department for radiation diagnostics, an endoscopy room, a centralized laboratory, a health center for children, and a regional children's hearing rehabilitation center (Audiological Center).

In the round-the-clock in-patient department of the Regional Children's Hospital, specialized medical care is provided on the profiles of “allergology and immunology”, “gastroenterology”, “hematology”, “neurology”, “pediatrics”, “pulmonology”, “rheumatology” for children aged 1 month to 18 years.

The bed capacity of the round-the-clock hospital is 80 beds, the hospital has two departments: a department of gastroenterology and a department of clinical immunology and allergology.

The Department of Gastroenterology has a fundamental base that allows to carry out a range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures that meet the level of international standards for any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

The department is designed for 30 beds, it includes gastroenterological beds for children and hematological beds for children.

Patients comprehensive individualized treatment, taking into account the combined pathology and in accordance with international standards. In the treatment are used, including genetically engineered drugs, topical corticosteroids.

The department is a consultative and methodological center in the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract of children.

The hematological profile of the department includes the diagnosis and treatment of anemia and hemostatic disorders of any genesis.

Laboratory diagnostic base allows you to verify most of the hematological disorders:

  • a careful study of the hemostatic system (coagulation factors, the activity of inhibitors to coagulation factors, von Willebrand factor, antigen to von Willebrand factor, platelet aggregation),
  • morphology of blood cells (red blood cells, platelets),
  • myelogram,
  • differential diagnosis of hemoglobinopathies (determination of hemoglobin fractions, EMA test).

In the treatment of identified pathology in patients, modern technologies for the treatment of blood diseases with coagulation factors and erythropoietin and the treatment of inhibitory forms of hemophilia are used.

The Department of Clinical Immunology and Allergology has a fundamental base that allows to carry out a range of diagnostic and therapeutic measures in line with international standards for any form of allergy and immune disorders.

For carrying out specific allergological diagnostics and allergy vaccination, there is a separate office, equipped in accordance with all modern requirements.

Allergodiagnosis is carried out using modern methods. The central laboratory of the Regional Children's Hospital is equipped with high-tech equipment that allows to fulfil unique types of research, such as the immunochemiluminescent method on a Phadia 100 analyzer, which is the "gold standard" in the clinical diagnosis and monitoring of allergies, bronchial asthma and autoimmune diseases.

In the department, allergy vaccination is widely carried out for atopic diseases, which gives good results for children.

Modern diagnostics, effective methods of treatment, highly qualified doctors with many years of experience, the use of modern drugs can effectively cope not only with allergic diseases, but also with diseases that are based on impaired immune response: immunodeficiency states, autoimmune and autoinflammatory diseases (diffuse connective diseases fabrics and others).

The department also treats patients with respiratory and nervous system diseases.

More than 1,500 children from the city of Tomsk and Tomsk Region, as well as children living in other regions of the Russian Federation receive in-patient treatment at the Regional Children's Hospital every year. Doctors of the hospital work closely with leading federal centers and clinics of the Russian Federation, which makes it possible to identify and treat the most complex childhood pathology.

Currently, the staff of the Regional Children's Hospital includes 199 employees, including 56 doctors, 59 nurses, 84 other staff. The highest qualification category are 59% of doctors and 46% of nurses.

In the Regional Children's Hospital:

  • Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation - 3
  • Doctors of Medical Sciences - 1
  • Candidates of Medical Sciences - 7
  • Awarded with the badge «Excellent Worken of Public Health» - 5
  • Have diplomas and gratitudes from the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation - 10 employees

A high level of qualification of doctors of the Regional Children's Hospital is in demand and beyond its borders - 4 employees are the main freelance specialists of the Department of Health of Tomsk Region and the Siberian Federal District.

The algorithm of appeal to the Regional Children's Hospital

Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily staying or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided in OGAUZ "ODB" in accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation dated 06.03.2016 No. 186 "On approval of the rules of medical care to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation."

  • foreign nationals who are insured persons in accordance with the Federal Law "On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation", are entitled to free medical care under the compulsory medical insurance;
  • medical assistance is given to foreign nationals in line with the agreements on providing paid medical services, or voluntary medical insurance contracts.

Medical services are provided by OGAUZ “ODB” on the basis of a license for medical activity LO-70-01-002611 dated on September 26, 2019, issued by the Licensing Committee of the Tomsk Region.

Paid medical services of OGAUZ "ODB" are provided on the basis of order dated 02.02.2019 No. 54 "The organization of paid services in the regional state autonomous healthcare institution" Regional Children's Hospital ".

Look through the price list of Paid Medical Services: https://odb.tomsk.ru/patients/paid-medical-services.

Tel.: The Department of Paid Services: 8 (3822) 909-749